Explore body wash, shower gels and creams

Showering is an essential part of our daily routine. Whether you use it to start your day fresh or wash away a long day's stress, it is a good idea to use this time for self-care and take a moment to nourish your skin. Body wash & shower gel are your best allies for this purpose. What can be better than a fresh and energising smell of a body wash in the morning or a calming and soft textured in shower moisturiser before bed.
NIVEA has developed a shower gel to satisfy every one of these needs. Find the perfect body wash just for you.

Body Wash & Shower Gel vs Foam

What is the difference? Which is Better?
Instead of having to wait for your body wash product to foam, shower foam makes it happen straight away by the use of a pump. Like foaming face washes, foaming body wash is a bit more intense than gel versions and is said to give your skin a deeper clean.
Other than this, the main difference between the shower gel and foam is the consistency - the answer is in the name - body shower gels have a gel-like consistency, while the foam has a foamy one.When deciding which is better, it's just a question of preference, whichever feels more pleasant on your skin and gives you a more luxurious experience, that is the one for you.


Innovations including the In-Shower Moisturiser

You may think that when it comes to body wash products, there's not much more than foams and gels. But the specialists here at NIVEA are always looking for new, innovative textures and ingredients to deliver the results you're searching for. So that's why in our body shower gel range, we offer unique in shower moisturiser lotions that will save you the time of having to moisturise in the mornings as the nourishing formula is absorbed by the skin immediately and leaves your skin feeling super soft, without leaving a sticky  feeling behind them. 
We also offer shower oils and creams infused with oil pearls to provide indulgently intensive moisture. Plus, we have our body cleansing line formulated with clay for a particularly deep and purifying cleanse. In addition to our body cleansing products with innovative twists, you'll always find all the highly effective classics you know and love. 


Natural Shower Gel Benefits

We live in a time when the consumers are conscious about the ingredients that are going into the products they use, as well as the impact these products have on our planet. At NIVEA, we encourage conscious and mindful consumerism. This is why we created natural shower gel that provides you with lasting skin comfort. The 99% biodegradable formula is made with naturally derived skin-caring ingredients, including responsibly sourced bio-oil. As well as our biodegradable formula our packaging is made from 97% recycled PET plastic, helping you and us to reduce our impact on the environment. The organic shower gels have a vegan formula meaning no animal or animal-derived ingredients as per OECD or equivalent methods.


Women's Body Wash

As a woman, you desire soft, radiant skin and a gorgeous trail of fragrance surrounding you all day. Our innovative in shower moisturiser products are revolutionising our shower and body care experience. In-shower products are applied to wet skin and rinsed off under the shower. The result - beautifully nourished, velvety skin.
For an elegant aroma, at NIVEA, we carefully select fragrances that complement our body wash & shower gel products. There is the perfect range of organic shower gels to leave you with invigorating, fresh scents or if you are a sweet aroma kind of person there are more rich, sweater smells to indulge your senses. Basically, if you're looking for a natural shower gel with a perfect fragrance just for you, we'll have it in our vast lineup of body cleansing products.